7txp4 comic cover

7Teen x Persona 4 Comic Cover

Before 7teen and Persona 4 are ending. I decided to make crossover between 7teen and Persona 4.

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In an Unknown day, Scott and some of his friends are relaxing at Jonesy's house in the middle of winter. Jonesy wants to watch television and all the sudden, the TV screen got static. He hates when it gone broke. Scott tought it heard someone inside the TV. Suddenly, He saw a hypnotic circle in Tv screen. when he toach it....


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Prologue (7teen)Edit

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Prologue (Persona 4)Edit

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Chapter 1Edit

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Chapter 2Edit

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Chapter 3Edit

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Chapter 4Edit

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Chapter 5Edit

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  • Persona 4 episode was taking place before Yu leaving Inaba .