Beelzebub is a main character in Vampire Genesis. He is a mad scientist that creates dark vampire fiends/warriors for Darius Drakula because he is his servent. He is a pure vampire. He creates Generals and Minion creatures.

Vampire Element:Edit

  • Fire Element (but sacraficed it to give more power to Darius Drakula)


  • He has blood-sight it allows him to see any one's blood so he can also see people trough walls
  • High sense of sight, smell and hearing
  • High human speed and strenght
  • Suck blood
  • Walks on water
  • Megical Craftsman
  • Imortal
  • Has some megical powers
  • Glecial Frost - Can generate and shoot ice balls from his hands


  • He can get burnt in the sun
  • He can be killed if he gets staged in the hearth
  • Must drink an amout blood at least once every week