Boris Drakula is a main character in
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Boris Drakula

Vampire Genesis. He is from a diferent dimension called Avallon. He looks like 40 years old but since he is a vampire he is older and he is the father of Salem Drakula and Damon Drakula. He married Samantha. He is the older brother of Darius Drakula. He is a pure vampire. Boris was killed by his brother because he wanted his Vampire Element.

Vampire Element:Edit

  • Thunder Element - the rare element and it was stolen by his brother Darius Drakula


  • He has blood-sight it allows him to see any one's blood so he can also see people trough walls
  • High sense of sight, smell and hearing
  • High human speed and strenght
  • Suck blood
  • Walks on water
  • Wizzard Craftsman - Can create megical accsesorise
  • Imortal
  • Has some megical powers
  • Thunder Striker - Can shoot a thunder bolt from his hands


  • He can get burnt in the sun
  • He can be killed if he gets staged in the hearth
  • Must drink an amout blood at least once every week


  • Sun Amulet - Given by his wife, it allows him to go out in the sun for some time
  • Sword Ring: It transformes into a sword. Made by him, it boosts his thunder attack
  • Shield Ring: It transformes into a shield. Made by him