This is the 4th chapter of Vampire Genesis:Edit

  • Its saturady and Damon and Salem prepeare them selfs for school, while Mai is still sleeping.

Arthur: Wake up miss Mai its time to go to school!

Mai: Why its saturday!! Oh right I forgot to tell you guys that on saturday and sunday there is no school.

Arthur: Really? Yes! I won't be alone again for today and tomorrow!XD

  • Then Salem arrives in Mai's bedroom like a jet with happiness.

Salem: Did my vampire ears hear the truth? No school for two days?!!!:O (Happy)

Mai: Yeah today and tomorrow are both days with-out school! And how I sad yesterday...GET OUT OF MY ROOOOM!!!!! (Mad)

  • Then she trows some stuff to Salem and Arthur. After some time they went to take some breakfast.

Mai: Today we shall go at the super market kuz I need some mobile and school stuff, and since we shall be there we shall also get some ingredeants for the pancakes so i can teach Arthur!! XP

Arthur: Yay thanks miss Mai!!! (Happy)

Salem: Hope I won't get boared!!! :/