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List of Characters:Edit

Introduce in Chapter 1: Dead Party BeginsEdit

Picture Name Chapters Status Note
King Harkinian Chapter 1 to ?? Alive
Gamelon story9 640w
Link Chapter 1 to ?? Alive
Zelda Chapter 1 to ?? Alive
Gwonam with out backround by iamCommandoMan
Gwonam Chapter 1 to ?? Alive
Mario Chapter 1 to ?? Alive
Gay luigi by meleemovies-d3fixei
Gay Luigi Chapter 1 Dead Luigi sacrifice to fight zombies. But, Gay luigi fell out and been eaten by zombies.
257px-Ghosts-r-us 047 1 0001
Wizardheimer Chapter 1 Dead He was bitten/ate by his dead rat.
Irate Gamer Chapter 1 Dead The King push him to the zombies and ate the Irate Gamer's Flesh.
Fat Woman
Fat Lady Chapter 1 Dead She look behind and been eating by zombies.
185px-1014 redsonja
Red Sonja (as Stripper) (Cameo) Chapter 1 Dead after her dance, She was been eaten her flesh (include her boobs & butts) by zombies.
Caillou Chapter 1 - 2 Dead After her girl death, he wants to stay and played with his toy car. After they left, he saw his parents until they eat Caillou.
1ea030caaf2160 full
Dark Mercury Chapter 1 - 2 Dead Caillou failed to rescue her, She was been eaten her flesh (include her boobs & butts) by zombies.
Goronu (Cameo) Chapter 1 - 2 Dead The king accident killed him because he's a zombie.
342px-I came
Yuni Kaigui Chapter 1 - ?? Alive

Introduce in Chapter 2: Need to get outEdit

Picture Name Chapters Status Note
Gaston Chapter 2 - ?? Alive
Belle Chapter 2 Dead After Gaston Throw her to her basement. until Belle saw a little girl ate Belle's Father. She attacked her and Belle is screaming. She was eating by Zombie Belle's father.
Morshu Chapter 2 - ?? Alive
Why whyyyyyyyyyy
Angry German Kid/Leopold Slikk Chapter 2 - ?? Alive
Kate Ashley Chapter 2 - ?? Alive
I.M. Meen Chapter 2 Dead
Frollo Chapter 2 - ?? Alive

Introduce in Chapter 3: Rock 'N' Roll ZombiesEdit

Picture Name Chapter States Note
The Illegal Guy (Judge)
Mayor Kravindish Chapter 3 Dead He told the Zombie to stop eating them. But, they eat him.
Cdiganonface 2
Ganon Chapter 3 -?? Alive
Vlcsnap-254200 Yamanaka Sawako
Yamanaka Sawako (as a hot Gothic girl) Chapter 3 - ?? Alive