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Mai Minazuki

Mai Minazuki is a 15 year old student girl, and she is one of the main characters of Vampire Genesis. She was given to her the amulet of the vampires, the Archana Stone, by her grandmother before she died beacuse she had to continue to prtotect the amulet as the chosen one of her family generation, a Vampire Guardian, the one's that can allow the amulet to activate. She is a good singer, knows karate and also is a bright student. She likes animals but she is afraid of spiders.

The Archana Stone:Edit

The Archana Stone is a precieus object
Archana stone

The Archana Stone

that can absorb the lost vampire souls if close. Its indestructable. It also tells the user that there are vampires close by lighting up. And some times also can give some hints to the user how to defeat his opponent The chosen famliy are the only ones able to use it for generations and they are called the Vampire Guadians. If used correctly it can be used to give ultimate power. It gives the user more strenght and speed including healing abilities.