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Salem Drakula

Salem Drakula is a 17 year old student with Mai Minazuki but since he is a vampire he is older, and he is one of the main characters of Vampire Genesis. He is from a diferent dimension called Avallon. He is a capable swordsman and when he fights he puts on a mask. His father is Boris Drakula while his uncle is Darius Drakula he is also Damon Drakula's twin brother. His objective is to protect Mai Minazuki and the Archana Stone. He is a pure vampire. He is stronger then his brother Damon.

Vampire Element:Edit

  • Fire Element


  • Can talk telipaticly with his brother
  • He has blood-sight it allows him to see any one's blood so he can also see people trough walls
  • High sense of sight, smell and hearing
  • High human speed and strenght
  • Suck blood
  • Walks on water
  • Imortal
  • Fire Blaze - Can generate and shoot fire balls from his hands


  • He can get burnt in the sun
  • He can be killed if he gets staged in the hearth
  • Must drink an amout blood at least once every week


  • Sun Amulet: Given by his mother and uses it only in the day, it allows him to go out in the sun for some time
  • Mask: Uses it at night when he fights
  • Sword Ring: It transformes into a sword. Given by his father, it boosts his fire attack
  • Shield Ring: It transformes into a shield. Given by his father
  • Transportaion Ring: Can store anything in it, its like a big lauguage. Given by his father