These are General and Minion ranked creatures created by Beelzebub. Generals are better then minions


Vampire Fiend


Vampire Fiend

Vampire Fiends are the first creation of Beelzebub. They similar to vampires but smaller and uglier. They have winges but can't fly they just can jump higher thanks to them. They are strong but not as strong as a pure vampire. They have high sense of sight, smell and hearing. They can suck blood. They can be killed by staging them on the head or by going under the sun he can get burnt up.




Zombies '
are the second type of minons that were created by Beelzebub. They are humans that were dead for some small period of time (about between 10 years ago till they were created). They are living dead similar to Vampires but stupid and slow. They are strong and the only thing on there mind is to eat living humans. They could only be killed if Jok-Ool is dead.





Jok-Ool is the first general that was seen in Vampire Genesis. He is a zombie type general. He is stupid. He looks like a fat prisoner with a big head instead of his stomac an with a matal ball attached to his leg which he uses to attack. The mouth acts also like a vacuum cleaner because it absorbs or blows realy powerfully. He maybe fat, but he is fast and strong. He cannot be killed from the outside but can be killed from the inside.